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Research and development of science and technology

Hunan Liwei Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a precision machinery manufacturing national high-tech large-scale private enterprises. The company since its inception, uphold the principle of "core idea ofresponsibility determines the quality, the details create success", build "Liwei" hydraulic brand, annual sales of over 100 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the core parts, hydraulic machinery, hydraulic products into a set of R & D and manufacturing equipment. Among them, energy saving type side turn over flap valve is the company'spatent product, to master the core technology, domestic unique qualification, is the first brand in the industry enjoys high reputation; hydraulic cylinder precision manufacturing, has been supporting the use of domestic and foreign large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprises; hydraulic equipment widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy,chemical and other industries; tailored environmental sanitation mechanical engineering machinery.

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